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7th-Apr-2016 10:56 pm - Anyone still around?
PD Olive Oh You
Just wanted to check and see if anyone is around. With the revival coming soon, was wondering if anyone is doing some re-watching!

Please feel free to add me or join the new GG community hoping to take off and be busy with the coming revival!

8th-Jun-2011 12:48 am - 4x15 Scene in a Mall
TV Q/ Noodlescooz
2nd-Oct-2010 04:56 pm - 5x18 - To Live & Let Diorama
vegan ftw

Paris: Excuse me? Could I trouble you for some change?

[He keeps walking.]

Paris: [To a girl] Excuse me, I just need some change to make a call. Could you – [She ignores Paris.] I just need to make a call!

[She's now begging everyone who walks by for change for the phone.]

Paris: Hey, I need some change here. Come on, damn it! Yeah, keep walking. Keep walking!

[She kicks in their direction and blows a raspberry. She runs out into the street after a car.]

Paris: Hey! Hey, I need fifty cents! Come on! Just fifty cents! Watch it!

[She almost gets hit by a car, then runs back onto the sidewalk.]

Paris: Hey! Give me fifty cents! [The people keep walking.] Fall in a hole! [She blows another raspberry.]
23rd-Sep-2010 05:53 pm - bangles concert episode

"i dont talk to anybody, people annoy me." - black lady in apartment building


hahahahhahaa so funny lorelai is looking for madeline and louise and this lady jsut sticks her head out of the door when she asks if she knows of any college boys that live in the building

10th-Aug-2010 04:29 am - 4x12 "A Family Matter"
vegan ftw

Lane: There were incredibly slow people in the coffee line, and I promised to wake Paris. [hurries over to Paris' bed] Up and at 'em!
Paris: Die.
Lane: I got you a triple espresso that I'm going to put here right out of reach, so sleepyhead has to get up to get it.
Paris: Die twice.

(4x12 "A Family Matter")
vegan ftw

Paris: Oh no! My glue gun leaked on my macaroni!
Terrence: Compartmentalize… and breathe.
TV Q/ Noodlescooz

“Hey, having a good time? I’m Paris Geller, suite five. It’s open. It’s got a candle - perfect for some deep conversation. Prepare two-to-five subjects to discuss so that the conversation doesn’t lag and totally ruin the vibe. Party on.”
11th-Apr-2010 07:40 pm - 5.20 How Many Kropogs To Cape Cod?
nikki reed

LOGAN: Hello?

RORY: Listen. You’re going to be getting a note from the Gilmores sometime soon. Maybe in the mail, maybe hand delivered tonight. For all I know, a carrier pigeon is heading for your room as we speak. You might want to open your window.

LOGAN: Why is a carrier pigeon heading here?

RORY: They want to have you over for dinner.


RORY: They’re flipping out about it. She’s sending an apology for being so remiss as to wait one whole week since I had dinner at your house to extend an invitation. I mean, they’re losing it. So I’m calling to warn you, and, I want you to know, I didn’t suggest us having dinner with them or encourage it in any way. And I definitely did not refer to you as my b-word in front of them or even imply it in any way. Because, you know, I’m really happy with the way things have been going and I don’t want any pressure put on us, and I’m sorry, and I think I already said that, and that’s it.

LOGAN: What are the odds of getting out of this?

RORY: Pretty much zero.

LOGAN: Then let’s do it.

RORY: Really?

LOGAN: Yeah, it won’t be so bad.

RORY: Well, you are a true gentleman. [She hears a bang from Logan’s end of the phone.] Oh, my God, what was that?

LOGAN: Carrier pigeon. Should have opened the window.

RORY: Not funny.

LOGAN: Kinda funny.

RORY [smiling]: Bye.

4th-Apr-2010 08:14 pm - 5.19 But I'm A Gilmore!
nikki reed

The scene where Logan & Rory become boyfriend and girlfriend is one of my favorite scenes in the series. It's under the cut because it's long.

I need a taco!Collapse )
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