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5x18 - To Live & Let Diorama

Paris: Excuse me? Could I trouble you for some change?

[He keeps walking.]

Paris: [To a girl] Excuse me, I just need some change to make a call. Could you – [She ignores Paris.] I just need to make a call!

[She's now begging everyone who walks by for change for the phone.]

Paris: Hey, I need some change here. Come on, damn it! Yeah, keep walking. Keep walking!

[She kicks in their direction and blows a raspberry. She runs out into the street after a car.]

Paris: Hey! Hey, I need fifty cents! Come on! Just fifty cents! Watch it!

[She almost gets hit by a car, then runs back onto the sidewalk.]

Paris: Hey! Give me fifty cents! [The people keep walking.] Fall in a hole! [She blows another raspberry.]
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