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The Gilmore Girls Quotes Community

Gilmore Girls Quote Community
Stars Hollow
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Your source for quotes from The Gilmore Girls. You can post quotes, or look some up, or just enjoy!
Welcome to the first (as far as I know) community created for the sole purpose of posting and sharing your favorite quotes from the WB's television series Gilmore Girls. Posting access is available to all who join but will be moderated so don't do anything crazy like post something completely unrelated or inappropriate.

  • Only post quotes from the actual show, no quotes from interviews or articles please.
  • The LJ-Cut Tag is your friend. Use it. Love it. If it seems kind of long then it is and should be put behind a cut.
  • If you know the title of the episode, use that as your subject line or at least somewhere in the post!. Doing this helps out an immense amount when it comes to tags and memories. If you don't know the title, please try to put in the season at least.
  • Check the memories before posting a request for a specific quote. I will be adding each quote posted to the memories under its episode title and number. As long as no one has any objections, repeat quotes are completely okay. No one minds seeing beloved GG comments again, but if there are 10 memories for one episode and nine of them are the quote you're about to post, it may be overkill ;)
  • Please try and limit posts to being about quotes or dialogue from the show. Spoilers, rants, pictures, icons, & advertisements do not belong here.
    -Posts without quotes/not requesting quotes/unrelated to quotes will be deleted without warning. This is not a community for discussion about the show or actors, it is for quotes. Posts like, "I love Luke!" with nothing more substantial will be deleted!